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Action Company roping saddle #21504.1 has been cleaned, oiled and is ready to ride! The Ralide tree is a super durable poly material which eliminates the concern for moisture getting to it, and adds to the overall strength of the tree - adding to the longevity of your saddle. Ride for miles in comfort on the ultra smooth suede padded seat for all-day comfort!

7" gullet, with FQHB. This saddle will fit a large horse with more of an "A-shape" to it's back, and minimal front bar flare for smaller shoulders. Thoroughbred or Appendix type. 

90 degree angle to the gullet
125 degree angle to the mid-back
140 degree angle to the loin area
(This saddle is NOT ideal for a mutton withered/ broad-shouldered, beefcake, "bull-dogged," or propane-tank built horse)

Tree size: "Wide," 22" Ralide performance FQHB. Performance means the saddle has straighter bars, front to back, for a horse who has a straighter, well-collected topline. Curvy backs need not apply!
Seat size: 15.5" tan colored suede 
Total saddle length: 26"
Color: Mahogany

Rigging: Dropped double D-Rings, in stainless steel

The leather lacing has since been pulled to leave the bottom skirting open, instead of bound, to allow for better loin movement. I often see the leather lacing right there dig into a narrow-bodied horse's lumbar spine!


Pictured with a gorgeous Right Fit Rectangle Close Contact pad in tan with brown "elephant" textured leather wears. There is a cutout by the calf for better leg contact with the horse. These are my favorite, and can be seen here:


If you are unsure, local saddle fitting can be arranged with The Right Fit Equine.


Shipping calculations are done at checkout. Price typically ranges from $75 to $150 depending on distance from Portland, Oregon.

16" Action Company Roping Western Saddle w/ FQHB

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