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The TRF pad was designed and developed to eliminate or at the very least ease the discomfort from an ill fitting saddle. This pad will eliminate spinal pressures due to its design.  The standard design Right Fit pad has a 3″ wide gullet clearance 100% front to back. Custom ordered pad gullet can be widened for drafts and larger boned horses.

The interior dog bone orthodic is beveled away from the spine for a smooth transition into full component thickness. This feature creates also improves airflow  and relief from pressure over the shoulders/top of scapula and  down the spine and out the back of the saddle and pad. This attribute protects your horses spine for the occassion that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time in your saddle.

This pad is lightweight, cool and breathable due to the efficient and effective design! It is only fully padded under the saddle tree bars. The edges are tapered so that there is no blunt edge under your saddle, leg or latigo. Your horse feels seemless and consistent contact. The remainder or the pad is 1/2" thick. It is not bulky under the Rigging D and tie latigo whereby allowing the tie latigo and off billet to maintain contact all the way down the horses ribcage which is beneficial to add saddle security when riding the rolly polly horse.

The “Right Fit” pad thins in the front and rear to relieve the tightness of skirting pressures. This design attribute improves the horses comfort in saddles that do not have enough flare on the front of the saddle for larger shoulders to slide in under the front of the saddle, and also relieves pressure from large saddle skirts on the horses’ loin and potentially damage to the horse’ kidneys and ovaries.

Our pad is generously contoured so that it never rubs on your horses wither and the innovative design keeps its shape

so that it never creeps down during your ride. 

If you need a pad consult before placing your custom order. I offer this service @ the affordable price of $50.00 for a

30 minute fitting consultation to discuss your horses pad requirements for the saddle you are currently riding.

This consult is well worth the money since you get a fitting guarantee if I don't get your order correct the 1st time.

(You get a little saddle fitting advice for a small fee to ensure you are ordering the right pad for your horse & saddle.)

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