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A gorgeous custom JJ Maxwell Western Hope saddle that has been thoroughly detailed, oiled, and is ready to ride! 


The unusual appearance of this saddle is due to the manufacturer shaving down the front bars all the way to the fork, and rounding them off to reduce the front bar pressure. This does not change the balance of the saddle, or sit heavily behind the shoulder, as long as it is properly positioned. 


15" seat w/ pencil roll edge with black rawhide binding
6.75" (but fits like a 6.5" gullet), with Equifit SQHB. So, this saddle will fit a horse with more of an "A" shaped straight back, but because the the front bars have been generously filed back - it can fit a horse with large shoulders! This is a rare find, and fits those hard-to-fit horses that don't fit anything else. 

90-degree angle to the gullet 
125-degree angle to the mid-back 
145-degree angle to the loin area

The bottom round skirt is open, called a butterfly, which gives lots of room for a horse with a short back, and/or big hips for making tight turns. I really like this feature, because I've seen the lacing on the rear skirts sometimes dig into the lumbar spine on some horses.

Tree size: Steele Equifit Original SQHB ("J-Bar")
Seat size: 15" slick seat w/ pencil roll cantle
Total saddle length: 25" w/ round butterfly skirt. 
Color: Medium brown stain with basket weave stamping.
Weight: 31 lbs

Rigging: JJ Maxwell's "Hope Rigging." It is designed to lighten the pressure in the wither, shoulder, and girth area. At the same time, it also disperses the pull over the entire side of the saddle as well as it holds the back of the saddle down. It may appear to be center fire rigging, but it actually floats between 7/8 and 3/4 position. With the Hope rigging there is no need for a latigo keeper, because the rear D can serve as your keeper. This way the latigo does not get in the way of your leg or fender. By tying the knot at the back D ( or no knot at all) you eliminate unnecessary bulk.

Saddle# 33600. 

Base pricing on JJ Maxwell saddles with standard options start at $2500, and can be thousands more based on the custom selections. Additional details about JJ Maxwell Saddlery can be found at


Pictured here with a gorgeous Right Fit Round Tail saddle pad in black with copper leather wears. The contour looks lovely with this saddle, and this style can be seen here:


If you are unsure, local saddle fitting can be arranged with The Right Fit Equine.

Shipping calculations are done at checkout. Price typically ranges from $75 to $150 depending on distance from Portland, Oregon.

15" JJ Maxwell Custom "Hope" Western Trail Saddle w/ SQHB

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