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Pegasus Red Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a drug-free, surgery-free alternative treatment that sends a focused beam of invisible light that will penetrate the body to various depths and effects, depending on the setting (The red light you see is actually just used as an indicating visual guide for where the light particle beam is). The light wavelength is absorbed by the tissues, which causes them to start metabolizing faster, and speeding up increasing cellular turnover, which in turn will speed healing, reduce pain and inflammation. It accelerates the body's natural healing process and provides real tangible benefits. The red laser has been scientifically proven safe and effective, even for difficult or resistant conditions. It provides easy, comfortable and non-invasive treatment approach to so many conditions! 
I've personally used the technology for the last 20 years and have seen some pretty amazing things! When I left Veterinary Medicine, I knew this was one thing I had to bring with me to the saddle fitting world. This is an excellent primary or adjunctive therapy for the types of pain I see all day long in my saddle fitting ventures.

              *** Please note, this is WAY different than the smaller household-type red LIGHT and LED therapy units! ***

Speeds Healing!

Reduces Inflammation! 







Red Laser Therapy has recently been more accurately termed "Photobiomodulation" Therapy, abbreviated PBMT or just PMB.
Photo - meaning light
Bio - meaning the living
Modulation - to change 
PBM is a safe and clinically proven way to stimulate microcirculation, regenerate and heal the tissues, and relieve pain starting at the cellular level, leading to an accelerated restoration of function. 

What kinds of things can the laser treat?

So. Many. Things! Photobiomodulation is beneficial for almost any condition where inflammation and/or pain are present. In addition to treating pain and inflammation, many Veterinary professionals also use it to maintain peak performance in equine athletes. 
Tendon and suspensory ligament injuries, sprains and strains. These are notoriously slow to heal!
Degenerative joint disease, or any other joint pain/inflammation
Back pain, injuries and disorders, including kissing spine disease
Wound healing, infections from resistant bacteria or viral diseases
Edema, swelling anywhere in the body

Bone Spavin
Sacroiliac pain/ disease
Dental disease, dental pain, inflammation, infection, including post extraction therapy


Since the laser stimulates the body to speed up the cells, it would not be wise to use it anywhere near cancer cells. It is also not used on or near the eyes. 

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Purchased brand new in 2022, my laser is the latest Class 4 hospital-grade model "PTX Pegasus Mobile," manufactured by Companion Animal Health Industries. It is the same as the lasers currently being used in the most modern Veterinary hospitals across the world, except in a more portable version.

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