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Included in the Base Price

Economy /Value Black Wool Felt
(35% Wool/65% Polyester/Cotton/Rayon Blend)
This product is comparable to the black felt used on other popular brands that you might currently own
This component is highly breathable and popular with the endurance competitor.
It is so light and airy that you can put your mouth to it and blow air thru to the top side.
Extremely easy to clean with a soft equine face brush and water. Vacuums nicely as well. 
This component sheds much like new carpeting. Just gently groom the pill balls off as they occur.
When the pad begins to accumulate hair the pilling stops. 
It is okay to leave the clean hair accumulation on the pad after its washed.

Upgrade Saddle Pad Material Options:

Pro Mid Grade Wool Upgrade

(75% Wool- 25% Synthetic Blend) This wool is a little grabby. So if you are frustrated with saddle slipping on a round horse, this might do the trick! 
However....extra sensitive horses may not like it

Merino Fleece Upgrade

(75% Merino Wool)
Very smooth and plush- highly breathable
Not suitable for rollie polley or onion skinned horses

Elite Premium Wool Upgrade

(90%  Wool- 10% Synthetic Blend)
Soft hospital grade wool. Smooth.
comparable to well known/leading saddle pad brands selling at at a much higher cost.

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