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                             How to turn your fenders on your new Right Fit saddle.

so they glove nicely around your lower leg and your stirrup is turned out so your boot slips in nicely:

1) set saddle on a stand that is open underleath

2) get a piece of round pipe, or a broom/ mop. IE: a non flexible pipe 3-4ft long

3) get a sprayer filled with hot tap water.

4) thoroughly spray the back sides of both fenders including the stirrup leathers with the hot water

4) grab stirrup cup fender so that both front ad rear edge are curled towards you and turn the stirrup 2 complete                  rotations. Be certain to keep the fender cupped  down the center top to bottom.

5)  place pipe thru stirrup and brace it on the saddle stand so it doesnt untwist while you do the same to the 2nd fender.

6) once Fenders are both turned like a curly fry, tug down on stirrup so that the curl tightens and stirrup is no longer            sideways.

7) spray the fender and leathers again until dripping.

I keep the hot water away from the front side of the fender because the  leather is new and dyes are fresh and it is impressionable and suseptable to many things until the leather seasons in and  ages. 

I strongly recommend that your seal your saddle with a quality product that wont suffocate the leather if you have not chosen to have us Black Rock your saddle while we had it in the shop being built. 


You will need to reasses the need to  condition and reaseal your saddle every year. 

       Single turn                                        Double turn                  Completely cupped down center

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