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Question: What does it cost to have you come out for saddle fitting? What does that all entail?

Answer: You can find my most up-to-date information about pricing, my saddle fitting process, and other pertinent information on my saddle fitting page. Click on the green "Go to saddle fitting" link above for more information.

Question: Do you teach classes, or allow people to audit your sessions?

Answer: At this time, in an effort to best serve my individual clients, we do not allow auditors at my saddle fit sessions. If an individual client wants to invite friends to watch, I have no problem with that. Just know that the more people are present, the longer a saddle fitting session will take.

I love to teach! We are currently in the process of building infrastructure to allow for haul-ins, hopefully by summer 2024. Eventually I will have a covered arena where I can teach saddle fitting classes. 

Question: Can you do online fittings?

Answer: The short answer is "no." Online fittings take a lot of time, correspondence, and patience. I am currently focusing my time on the local area. I also feel that I would need more experience before I start offering online services. But I hope to be able to in the future. 

Question: Do you travel to Idaho/California, or further?

Answer: Not at this time, but I hope to be able to in the future. Go to my "Saddle Fitting" page to read more about my Saddle Fitting Tours option if you are in Oregon or Washington. Click on the green "Go To Saddle Fitting" link above. 

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