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Shimming a pad for a minor saddle fit issue requires knowledge, experience, a solid understanding of equine anatomy, biomechanics of movement, and the creative problem solving skills to make a difference for that horse and rider. Not all saddle fit issues can be fixed with a pad and shim solution. With so many different factors, I will always take great care, time and consideration before determining the best course of action for that horse.  

The shim cover is 1/8" thick super-durable marine grade carpet with Velcro. It acts as a long lasting material to attach the neoprene shims to. 

shim cover thickness.jpg

Shim thickness comes in 1/8", 1/4", & 1/2", and are usually made with the neoprene (closed cell foam/CCF). I will occasionally use wool shims also, it just depends on the case, and what the rider is using, and what would be most appropriate for that situation. 


There are many MINOR saddle fit complications that can be improved with correct shimming. However, a minor fit issue can be made into a major issue if it is not done correctly. I always recommend a consultation if you feel there is something not quite right. 
The shim solutions I come up with are custom, made on the spot, and placed differently for each horse depending on it's conformation and the specific saddle fit issue. They are easily removable and repositionable, as needed. The ability to adjust, add/remove shim material, and remove them completely if needed, allows the rider to always have the best solution for a horse as it grows and changes in body conditioning, weight, muscling and training schedule. 


Here are a couple examples of shim solutions I made for horses that needed shoulder shims only. The shape, thickness and exact positioning is different for each horse. 


Here are a couple examples of shim solutions I made for horses that needed shoulder AND loin shims. 


Each solution ends up being unique. Note that shims are rarely a “One-And-Done” sort of thing. They usually require a small adjustment or two, to make them just right. In those cases, it would involve a few test rides, having you checking for soreness and sweat pattern, etc. before we are able to make it just right. Much of the time I can do this with pictures and video, since I will have already done a thorough evaluation and have an understanding of the forces at work. 

bridge shim covers.jpg

I have multiple different shapes, styles and colors in stock to choose from. In most cases I'm able to match exactly, or closely to the color of the pad. 

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