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I am still working out the issues with the new site. Therefore you will need to print this form to fill it out and EMAIL(most efficient)  or TEXT it or FB PM it to me.

              I will call you when I receive it.

Be certain to fill in your contact info legibly.  

Contact me if you have any issues or frustrations.

There is no fee for this type of assistence.


Email me and I will send it to you via email. 

This service is for those folks who are having saddle fitting issues and would like a pad designed to offset/relieve the pressures their saddle is causing. 

Once this form is completed- EMAIL, TEXT or FB PM it to me and I will contact you to set up a phone consult and provide written results.

Expected build & delivery time on custom ordered pads is 4-6 weeks.

A variety of pad sizes are carried in stock if you need a pad immediately


The "Right Fit" Saddle Pad is uniquely made to accommodate any horse by using orthopedic inserts sandwiched between the top and bottom layers to create the correct structure for the saddle to fit on the horse. The Pad can be customized to become a build-up or pressure relief over the shoulders, or additional layer to correct saddle bridging if that is what the horse needs.

There are many different options and choices of inserts and types of pads to make this a rewarding experience for you and your horse.

The Standard order pad consists of:

Your choice of a top color from our selection of 6 beautiful colors and a 35% wool blend black felt bottom that is comparable to impact Gel and Classic Equine.


Sandwiched in between the top and bottom layer is an interior orthodic of your choice in thickness of 1/2"-3/4" to support your saddle and protect your horse. The top and bottom layer before the interior saddle support is added is a thickness of 1/2". 

The interior orthodic is offered to you in a choice of 2 products:  85% wool ~or~ our high density equine quality CCF (closed cell foam).


You also have a choice of 3 beautiful colors of durable spine & wear leather, as well as your choice of length & width. 

And last but not least we allow you to order your pad in your choice of 3 shapes at no additional charge~


round tail 

dropped rigging/endurance.

FINALLY! The Equine world is being offered a fully custom saddle pad so you can get exactly what you need at an amazing price!

Price: $225.00

I have a large selection of pads in-stock at all times.

But if i do not have what you need then you can order your pad made at no additional cost to you and the build time takes approx 2 weeks with an estimated additional week in shipping. 

Just download the order form and click on the links below to design your pad. 

You can upgrade your pad at additional costs listed on the form

We offer some truley gorgeous options

to personalize your new pad match your tack

and become unique and drop dead gorgeous!


Premium Saddle Pad Options

Saddle Pad Shape-

Examples Gallery


Saddle Pad Color- 

Examples Gallery


Saddle Pad Bottom- 

Examples Gallery

Wear Leather Options

Examples Gallery

Custom Corner Patches-

Examples Gallery


Embroidery Options-

Examples Gallery

Saddle Pad Inlay Options-

Examples Gallery




Shims & Shim Covers-

Examples Gallery

turquoise overlay.jpg
rear inlay.jpg

Close Contact Pad styles


Tiny Legs Close Contact


Elite Premium Full Flap, Eventing & Dressage


Economy Pad

Same versatile saddle pad but having less blingy wear leathers & limited to these options only. No customizing. This pad is for those who just want a strait up order without any assistence. 

Thickness:  1" thick  

Shape: Rectangle  or Round Tail 

Top Color: Black

Bottom: Blended Black Felt. 

Side Wear Leathers:  Chocolate  or Copper   

2 sizes: 30x30 & 32x32

Price: $175.00

The TRF pad was designed and developed to eliminate or at the very least ease the discomfort from an ill fitting saddle. This pad will eliminate spinal pressures due to its design.  The standard design Right Fit pad has a 3″ wide gullet clearance 100% front to back. A custom ordered pad gullet can be widened for drafts and larger boned horses.

The interior dog bone orthodic is beveled away from the spine for a smooth transition into full component thickness. This feature creates significant airflow and relieves pressure over the shoulders/top of scapula and  down the spine and out the back of the saddle and pad. This attribute protects your horses spine for the occassion that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time in your saddle. It also offers relief from saddle bars that are too flat and pressuring the spine.

This pad is lightweight, cool and breathable due to the efficient and effective design! It is only fully padded under the saddle tree bars. The edges are tapered so that there is no blunt edge under your saddle, leg or latigos. Your horse feels seemless and consistent contact. The remainder of the pad is 1/2" thick. It is not bulky under the Rigging D and tie latigo whereby allowing the tie latigo and off billet to maintain contact all the way down the horses ribcage which is beneficial to add saddle security when riding the rolly polly horse.

The “Right Fit” pad thins in the front and rear to relieve the tightness of skirting pressures. This design attribute improves the horses comfort in saddles that do not have enough flare on the front of the saddle for those larger shoulders to slide in under the front of the saddle, and also relieves pressure from large saddle skirts on the horses’ loin and potentially damage to the horse’ kidneys and ovaries. The smaller orthodic allows the saddle to remain level front to rear, whereby centering the riders weight over the ribs.

Our pad is generously contoured so that it never rubs on your horses wither and the innovative design keeps its shape

so that it never creeps down during your ride. 

If you need a pad consult before placing your custom order. I offer this service @ the affordable price of $35.00 for a

30 minute fitting consultation to discuss your horses pad requirements for the saddle you are currently riding.

This consult is well worth the money since you get a fitting guarantee if I don't get your order correct the 1st time.

(You get a little saddle fitting advice for a small fee to ensure you are ordering the right pad for your horse & saddle.)

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