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16” Circle Y Park and Trail Western saddle features an ultra-lightweight construction, and easy to clean materials. The Ralide tree is a super durable poly material which eliminates the concern for moisture getting to it, and adds to the overall strength of the tree - adding to the longevity of your saddle. Ride for miles in comfort on the ultra smooth suede padded seat for all-day comfort!

7" gullet, non-standard FQHB fit to the front! The bar flare has been manually widened to 9" of front bar flare, see photo.
90 degree angle to the gullet
125 degree angle to the mid-back
140 degree angle to the loin area

Tree size: "Wide," 21" performance FQHB, Ralide. The Park and Trail models have straighter bars, front to back, for a horse who has a straighter, well-collected topline. Curvy backs need not apply! 
Seat size: 16" suede
Finish: Cordura nylon skirt, housing, and fenders; leather horn, cantle binding and conchos; suede seat, pommel and front jockeys.

Total saddle length: 27"
Color: Chocolate
Weight: 15 lbs. Lightweight Ralide stirrups

Rigging: Single dropped D-Ring, in 7/8ths position, stainless steel

Rear bottom skirting is left open, instead of bound with leather lacing, to allow for better loin movement. 


Pictured with a gorgeous Right Fit Rectangle Close Contact pad in tan with brown "elephant" textured leather wears. There is a cutout by the calf for better leg contact with the horse. These are my favorite, and can be seen here:


If you are unsure, local saddle fitting can be arranged with The Right Fit Equine.


Shipping calculations are done at checkout. Price typically ranges from $75 to $150 depending on distance from Portland, Oregon.

16" Circle Y Park and Trail Cordura w/ FQHB

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