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As of January 1st, 2023, Leah Calvin is the new face of The Right Fit Equine Company! 

Leah has always had a passion for horses since early childhood. Upon high school graduation she went straight into Oregon’s only accredited Certified Veterinary Technology Program, graduating college in 2004 as a Certified Veterinary Technician. 

She brings 24 years of experience from working in multiple fields of Veterinary Medicine through the years, including some mixed animal practices. She has been independently studying saddle fitting since 2015, and became an apprentice with the founder of The Right Fit Equine, Juli Ulm in 2021, who recounted that she has a natural talent and keen eye for saddle fitting, and extensive knowledge of the Equine anatomy!

Starting in 2023, she is now answering the equine industry’s great need as a qualified Independent Saddle Fitter in the Pacific Northwest. Leah is always enthusiastically learning new information and techniques of the trade, and is currently enrolled in the world's premier saddle fitting school; Saddle Fit 4 Life Academy for a Certification in Equine Ergonomics, to be completed likely in the Fall of 2023.

Independent Saddle Fitter in Oregon

Leah has also brought with her some exciting supplementary therapeutic options into The Right Fit’s Saddle Fitting regime. She has decades of experience with, and is offering Red Laser Therapy sessions for horses and dogs. She also has a new Thermography Camera that she is learning to use.

Leah is currently traveling to clients for saddle fitting within about 150 miles of Portland Oregon. She also still consults regularly with Juli, and occasionally works out of her facility located in Lebanon, Oregon. Plans for a haul-in facility of her own are in the works, and will ultimately be based in Gresham, Oregon in the coming years.


The Right Fit Saddle Fitting


Gresham, OR 97080
CELL: (503)957-0612

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