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I understand the skepticism over the effectiveness of my online services. Many people have received wrong or uneffective advice and/or corrections from previous saddle fitting experiences before discovering me. Therefore, you have serious doubt I can assist you online because of what others couldn't do in person.  

Saddle fitting is a developing practice for which there is no school. We are all doing our best to understand the vast varition of complications that present themselves between horses and saddles~and pads~and pad components~and riders~and cinches~and farrier work. And I assure you all of these factors affect your horses comfort under saddle because it is quite often not as simple as the saddle itself. And believe me when I say~ ITS ROCKET SCIENCE! I had no idea how complex it was when I began this journey to understand saddle fit.

What you are about to learn will rock you on your heels and defy what has been commonly taught on the subject. 

 I promise that you will learn more than you ever thought there was to know about saddle fitting and you WILL come away with a more comfortable horse! 

This experience will have you talking to all your horse buddies in dismay over what you have learned from this experience.


Find me on FB to read dozens of free saddle fitting tips that have bene posted over the years! It has the most updated free assistence offered because I am active on FB every day assisting folks across the nation with saddle fit issues. that have utilized one of these 2 saddle fitting Consultations. 

Go ahead and scroll down the page to learn saddle fitting by reading the Blog, viewing the pictures posted to support my experience with the issues and see visitor comments and questions. 

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This  $250.00 is the premium level of online saddle fitting service when the horse cannot be fitted in person by a qualified local saddle fitter.

This service involves quite extensive involvement from the owner and an assistent will be needed.

The steps on the form, including pictures and measurements, will need to be completed and uploaded to a private Facebook group page that you create and invite me to the page after its created or mention my name in a comment box on the page so I can find it to view your uploaded pictures and measurements. This way I can comment on each picture individually. This is the most effective method for this service.


If you are not a FB member then you will need to email all of it to me. I need your contact information to be legible because this service will involve phone calls and text messages so that I can receive your pictures while you are with your horse and we can discuss them in real time. This allows for less trips to the barn because a picture isn't quite right and needs to be retaken. 

You will be taught  to  visually detect areas of interferrance as well as how to feel under your saddle for interferrance and acceptable  and unacceptable pressure. 

This is the most difficult portion of the fitting process and it is substantially less frustrating for everyone  when you have an assistent.  You will need to feel under the saddle with the horse in motion so if you are unable to keep up with your horse walking, then your assistant will be required to perform this step for you.

This process can be quite lengthy dependant upon many factors.

The primary factor being how well you and I understand each others descriptions of what you are feeling and what I describe it is that I need. 

This is why there is no time limit set on this consult as there is with the Limited Consult service. 

 I assure you it will be worth your time and money.

You already know it will be difficult because others have tried and failed or you wouldn't consider this as an option in the 1st place. But you are desparate to help your horse and rightfully so! Because to ignore the issues or delay finding a solution can be costly and have severe consquences for both you and your horse.


So bear with this process with patience. Keep your mind open to receive my instructions without malice or skepticism. This insures the success of your saddle fit. 

This service is highly successful across the Nation where there are no qualified saddle fitters in your local area.  

It is a rewarding experience that can save you thousands in uneccsary expenses such as  the merry go round of purchasing and reselling multiple saddles and pads, repeated veterinary, chiropracter and Equine body specialist appointments needed to keep your horse pain free. 

You are tired of it and frustrated and just want to ride your horse and not worry about any of it any longer! Right?

Well, I'm going to help you get back to enjoying your horse! 


For those of you desiring a new saddle built on a custom saddle tree that fits your horse, please add an additional $40.00 to assist with the shipping cost of the fitting forms & saddle trees that you will need to place on your horse and take pictures and video to submitt so that I can select the correct saddle tree to build your saddle on. 

The return shipping will be at your expense. 

I do fit the moving horse so you will be required to walk along side your horse at a brisk walk while holding the tree in place on the horses back. 

This might be where a young and physically fit assistant will be beneficial~especially if you own a gaited horse!

A deposit of  $100.00 per saddle tree that is in the shipping box will be required prior shipment. This fee will be fully refunded once my saddle trees and forms are returned.



If you need a custom saddle tree made to send to your chosen saddle maker.

For this portion of your online fitting you are required to take pictures and videos of each tree so I can determine fit and select the proper saddle tree for you.


Go to "Required Pictures"  page on Menu & read instructions form that pops up when you click on the red button.


There is no time limit with this level of service.

The red button is to download the form you will need to complete & submit.

The Paypal button is to pay for the service.

If you do not have a paypal account, you may use FB or google pay or  send a check or money order to:

Juli Ulm

41235 Baptist Church Dr.

Lebanon, Or 97355


Call me and I will take your credit card payment. 

This service is a "little bite" that provides BIG results. Invest as many times as necessary to get the education you need to help your horse be comfortable under saddle. 

This service provides 30 minutes of diagnostics & discussion.

your 30 minutes begins when i begin analyzing your photos and documentation. I will notify you with regular updates for the time remaining on your consult.

You can invest as many times as necessary to get the solution you need

This service will allow you to interview me and test my skills without "breaking the bank".  

Each time I assist folks they gain knowledge on Saddle Fitting- no matter what level of service they invest in. 

This very handy $50.00 service is used Worldwide to help owners with saddle & pad issues.

It is timed so that you only pay for the time you need to gain an understanding of what the issue is and how to correct it.

I offer this service because of skepticism. It costs less than a trim from your farrier so its an easy decision to give this a try! 

I will earn your confidence in short order, then you can relax and trust you are in good hands!

This service can also be used to order a Right Fit custom saddle pad, so that you can understand the components and the design choices that I recommend to correct the issues your horse is experiencing with the current saddle being used.  Because I recognize there are folks who have "inquiring minds" and need to know. And my time is as valuable as yours so I charge for it since it is my profession. 

If you want to order  a saddle pad and do not feel the need to understand why  it works then simply call, text, email or PM me the "required pictures"  from the drop down with a description of the issue between horse and saddle and I will design a pad to help your horse to be more comfortable under the saddle in the pictures. 

I will design your pad and submitt the build order for your approval and payment. Once paid for in full, the pad will be ordered. No discussion needed, if that is the way you want it.

Build time is approx. 2 weeks dependant upon how many orders are ahead of yours when its submitted. Your saddle pad will be mailed directly to you or if you are local you can pick it up.

The red button is to download the form you will need to complete & submitt.

The Paypal button is to pay for the service.

If you do not have a paypal account I can offer you 2 additional payment options: 

Send a check or money order to:

Juli Ulm

41235 Baptist Church Dr.

Lebanon, Or 97355


Call me and I will take your credit card payment. 

After you have printed your form and completed the steps listed on the form you will need to set up a PRIVATE FB page for your saddle fitting with you and I as the only viewers to the page.


followed by: Saddle Fitting   

The completed Full Saddle Fitting, Limited Consult, or Pad Fitting form needs to be posted to the page 1st thing. Followed by:  photos and videos 


I need a full statement of the ongoing issues that you are experiencingeither on the bottom of the form or posted as a blog immediately after posting the completed form. 

Be certain all your contact information is clearly written. 


 Mention me(Juli Ulm)  in the comments and that is where I will go to view your completed form, pictures/videos (if any are needed),  and wire measurements.

I will comment on each picture separately to instruct you and train your eye to enable you to see the issues that are causing your saddle not to fit.

Follow up with a PM  containing the page link to alert me  the page has been created.

The Facebook page stays in existence and serves as a baseline for your horses future saddle fittings.

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