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My Purpose for offering Saddles

As a professional saddle fitter I learned long ago that I couldn't truly help horses if I didn't have familiar dependable products that offer solutions that the common market does not have.

In the days before I had my own saddle pad and saddle company my worst day was diagnosing the issue and then having to tell the frazzled and frustrated and often desperate owner that I couldn't help them because there wasn't a saddle made to fit their horses unique body. 

The "Right Fit" saddle was developed to offer horse owners the opportunity to design a beautiful saddle with superior quality leather that doesn't COST you your life savings AND actually fits your unique horse because the foundation of your saddle begins with the correct fitting saddle tree.

My saddle company is not attempting to compete with pre-manufactured saddle prices and availability~

I couldn't possibly compete with big companies owning machines that can stamp an entire saddle out of a hide in minutes.

Time is money and my saddle builder hand cuts each leather piece and he deserves to be paid appropriately!


Pre-made saddles are made on 1 tree that the CC machine was programmed to cut each piece to fit around every curve of that

1 saddle tree.

Pre-made saddle companies have a tooler on staff or a machine that stamps the tooling design into the leather.

Pre-made saddles have been made the same by the thousands for however many years the company has been in business.

I have none of the above.

My company is new. 

I am only one insignificant horse enthusiast that happens to be a saddle fitter that is on a passionate mission to end

equine suffering under saddle.

I started out working with Allegany Mountain Saddlery for 3 years

Then Rocking R built my saddles for a year before they decided to go out of business at the end of 2015.

In 2016 was fortunate enough to discover a saddle builder in Alabama who was empathetic to the suffering

of horses under saddle & encouraged me to continue onward with my dream.

He expressed his desire to help me bring my business into the world and make it a reality.

He is also passionate about the difference we can make together to thousands of horses across America!

But we are a young company and we are learning how to work together even tho we are thousands of miles apart

and clear across America from one another.


But....We both give this our ALL... and then some!

Occasionally mistakes are made...

but no matter what....our saddles are beautiful saddles to be proud of and they will fit your horse!

If you can live with that...then I can work with you. 

My saddle company is not attempting to compete with the "Big Boys" making "Rolls Royce" saddles and charging accordingly.

 Many have waiting lists whereby taking years to complete.

Their saddles are truly works of art to be drooled over.

Their cost at least double or triple what I charge for mine,

and I am certain they are worth every penny to those who are fortunate enough to afford them.

They are  built on a saddle tree of their choosing.

They are magnificent saddle builders rest assured....

...but they are not saddle fitters by trade...

I have performed saddle fittings for folks that own more than 1 expensive custom saddle that does not fit

and are frustrated even tho they have tried several custom saddles from different sources.

This makes them the exact same kinda frustrated as those of you who have purchased $500.00 used saddles that do not fit!

They learned that spending more money doesn't mean the saddle  will fit better. 

If you ARE one of "the fortunates" that want a PERFECT saddle made by a big name saddle maker

but are passionate about saddle fit and want your custom saddle built on the exact saddle tree your horse needs

instead of whatever tree they usually build on....

I can do that for you!

Hire me to perform your saddle fitting, then buy the saddle tree from me and I will send your saddle tree to whomever you wish.

My saddle company is valiantly attempting to deliver your new saddle in a hurry so YOU can ride & NOT hurt your horse! 

In an affordable price.

Sometimes things aren't perfect  because I am not able to walk thru my saddle makers shop and handle every order

to catch mistakes that we don't even know that I or he has made & he is a 1 man show! And the number of saddles I order can be overwhelming! 

Either the customer and I didn't communicate well enough.... or he and I didn't .... and a mistake was made. 

So that means you get a surprise!

I call it the "Forrest Gump" effect...

Life is like a box of chocolates....

If you can live with that.... then I can work with you. 

Because the most important decision you have made that the saddle is......



Its just that simple. 

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