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Warranties & Guarantees

People ask me if I guarantee my saddles to fit and if they don't will i buy it back. And since I don't~ why should they trust me to build them a saddle?

I do have an answer to tis question~ 

You must embrace the possibility that your horse may have emotional issues developed from wearing a previously ill fitting saddle that may not disappear simply by purchasing a fitting saddle. I offer this potential possibility based upon my 35 years experience as a trainer and problem solver.

I will not be held responsible in any way for this possibility- because I know it can be a factor.  

Horses are not like cars: IE: replace the headlight to get the safety of well lighted driving. Horses have a  brain and emotions that can complicate the issue of saddle fitting.

Equine PTSD is real. 


With this in mind I would like you to  consider that  by ordering a saddle built on a custom saddle tree as a result of our combined scrutiny , provides the best possible chance for success. The rest is training and emotional support between you and your horse and a trainer. 

You are embracing the concept that ordering this saddle is a step in the right direction in ownership management. But I canot predict your horses response to the new saddle fit since there is no way to saddle him/her up with a saddle built on this custom tree before ordering it to be certain that this saddle is a “fix all” for what may be going on between your horses ears about saddle fit. 

Horses are emotional beings and it's often difficult to decipher between physical pain and emotional trauma.

It has also been my experience that horses have changed shape in the months that the saddle was in construction and I have no control over that. I can only fit the horse that is presented to me on the day the saddle tree was selected. 

Saddle fit is ongoing for the life of the horse.


My personal gelding has changed shape many times in the 9 years I have owned him. 2x were so significant that i had to order a completely different tree and build new saddles 

But I guarantee that I do my level best to diagnose the issues that are affecting your horses comfort under saddle and choose a saddle tree from my selction available that is suitable and make the  necessary adjustments to the leather and hope right along side you that our choices will be successful. 

Just remember that by allowing me to assist you,  you are tapping into more working knowledge in the area of saddle fitting and equine anatomy than you have had while attempting to choose a saddle on your own. 


Be advised:

 The premium leather that your new saddle is crafted with is a soft pliable premium saddle skirting leather and is suseptable to dents and oils from handling.

Due to the fact that these saddles ship so quickly after being finished the leather has not had time to dry out and will be very impressionable. Meaning that it will dent and be very susceptable to finger prints.

When leather is applied to a saddle it is repeatedly wetted to form to shape and needs to dry out to “toughen”. This takes many weeks and up to month dependant upon the time of year. Your saddle has shipped within days of being completed and hasn’t had time to toughen, therefore it is quite impressionable. 

We do not apply a sealer to the saddle since many folks have their own ideas about leather care and prefer to use their own products to seal their saddles. So, please research the brand of sealer you prefer to use on your new saddle and apply it immediately.

Custom saddles are not like store bought saddles that have sat around in a warehouse or on a store room floor therefore the leather is tuffer. Store bought saddles have had a sealer applied to the leather.

So handle your new saddle very carefully for awhile. The oil from your fingers will leave marks.

The Right Fit Saddles will carry a manufacturers warranty covering craftsmanship defects as follows: 

Saddle trees are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for five (5) full years from the date of purchase, if used in a normal manner and for the purpose described for the saddle, and saddle has not been in a “wreck” of any kind.

Any tree developing a defect within the guarantee period will be replaced using the original seat size and bar fit and original leather.

Once you have  established a dialog with The Right Fit Saddle Company, and your pictures and documentation of the issue has been remitted to me I will forward your documents to Steele Saddle tree Company for confirmation of warranty and tree failure has been confirmed. Your saddle is to be returned to: The Right Fit Saddle Company with freight prepaid by the purchaser. Return address will be provided prior shipment.

No charge will be made unless the 5 year guarantee period has expired or servicing is necessary for reasons beyond our control in which a moderate charge will be made. Once repaired and any outstanding charges are paid for in full, your saddle will be returned to you “freight collect”

Saddle Craftsmanship is warranted to be free of safety defects in workmanship for thirty (30) days from the date received. Leather imperfections are not warrantied. Carving and tooling imperfections are also not warrantied. Your personal comfort is not guaranteed. I do not accept returns since this is a custom product that you have designed. 

The only guarantee I can offer is that your saddle has been constructed using the highest standards and is a rugged and durable saddle that will hold up to regular use for many years. 


Scratches or spots on leather received during shipment or afterwards are not covered.

Saddle silver should be cleaned with a damp cloth only. Abrasive or chemical cleaners should never be used because it could result in the removal of the finish and void the 30 day warranty.

This warranty does not apply to any product which has been altered or repaired outside of the The Right Fit Saddle Company.

If you paid for  A FULL SADDLE FITTING and  you have  now received your saddle and had the opportunity to ride it consistently and you have concerns about the fit here are your options: 

You have 30 days from the date of delivery  to contact me. This is a rigid time frame. No exceptions. 

Contact me via phone call to discuss your concern,  I will not type my fingers to the bone  via text or FB PM. No exceptions.

You must provide adequate pictures and video to support your hunch. 

I will analyze and call you back. 

If I determine that I must analyze in person you will be required to trailer to my facility for a refitting with the saddle.

If, after this appointment,  I determine that the tree is incorrect and that your horse is still the same shape as when the tree was selected. I will offer several solutions. These solutions are completely my choice to offer to you. Not yours to demand because I have already stated that I do not guarantee fit. 

But I will endeavor together with you to secure a solution. 

If no amicable solution can be secured then the sale is final and no compensation will be  offered.  

The material used in your “Right Fit” saddle is of high quality, but due to some saddles receiving much harder use than others and potentially receiving no leather care, a time guarantee cannot be put on other parts of this saddle.

As of January 2016 the saddles will be stamped with my own logo and the serial number will be located on the bottom skirt under the fender.

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