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If you already have a saddle tree you want us to build on. I can do that for you.

If you have had a saddle fitting performed elsewhere and know what Equi-fit tree your horse needs,  

I can order it for you. 

The actual saddle construction is between 3-8 weeks after the tree arrives to the builders saddle shop in Alabama. The difference between 3-8 weeks is determined by how many saddle orders are ahead of yours when your tree arrives.  

Late spring and thru out the summer these times can extend due to the fact that people are inclined to order  saddles at that time of year. 

All custom tooling quotes will be submitted to The Carver and will take 7-14 days for the quote to return. 

***Custom carving will extend the time it takes to create your saddle by 2-3 weeks

Step 1

Click on the red box below to print the order form. You can't order online. I'm just not that techy! I'm just an Ol" Cowgirl! 

Anything that reads "Standard option" is included in your base saddle price. You may be given several choices that are at no additional cost. 

Step 2

You can go back to the top of the page and  Click on "Saddle Models" then choose "Click here to Order"  from the drop down  or click the red box below on the right and it will take you to the ordering page. 

Step 3 

Read the ordering page so that you understand the process. There are red arrows at the bottom of each options page to take you to the next option on the order form.

If you desire an option that is an upgrade. write the price after the "Add Cost"  on the right in each category. 

When you finish just add all costs written on all of the "Add Cost" options and total to arrive at the cost of your custom saddle. 

The Order form is a bit overwhelming- therefore I suggest that you  call me so I can assist you

Juli Ulm (541) 619-0790

 The Right Fit saddle is truley custom in every way without the high price charged at other custom saddle companies 


All our saddles start out untooled so each customer can add what they want without paying for extras  they don't need.

Untooled leather will show all scratches and dents that occur during handling & shipping.


You are required to accept these blemishes when they occur as part of the risks of ordering untooled leather. 

Untooled saddles are double stitched to dress them up a bit. 



Your Beautiful custom saddle will be stamped with this stamp on the left latigo keeper, centered on the back of the cantle and stamped in the bottom corner of the fender ( we leave it off the fender if it is custom carved in the corner)

Your saddle will also be stamped with a serial number under the left Jockey on the bottom skirt  as follows:  tree type, gullet width, year made, your initials.

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