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Saddles are merely "a sum of their parts". Therefore I can build anything because I can order literally every component that makes up a saddle!  If you want a barrel saddle or a reining saddle, or a trail saddle, or a roping saddle, or an endurance saddle, or a cowhorse or cutting saddle or a wade or ranch saddle~ I have it!!!!

And together, you and I can design it!

So, call me & lets get started designing your dream saddle today! You will be surprised how affordable your dream saddle can be through Right Fit Saddlery! 

(541) 619-0790

Use the PayPal button below to make your $600.00 deposit

How to order your Custom Built Saddle:

     1, Print the order form 


If you need assistance with understanding and/or completing the ordering process please feel free to contact me so I can clear any confusion that may arise throughout the process because it is quite involved.

You will need to email completed form to:

 2. Choose the model of saddle you want & click the red order form for that model of saddle. Next- click the red button next to it to select the saddle tree. Then at the bottom of that page there is a red arrow at the bottom right of all the pages that will connect to the next option on your order form. 

 3. Fill in your choices as you follow the line items down the order form. If you need to go back to change an option you will need go to the MAIN MENU at the top of the each page and select "SADDLE OPTIONS" from the Main Menu Bar.

This menu is at the top of every page, so you can refer to it to go back to any page.

    At the bottom of each page is a red arrow to take you to the next page of options,      if you want to use that instead.  

     The Saddle Gallery will  also help you make choices because there are pictures       of completed saddles.

 4. If you would like to choose your own saddle tree that you feel best fits your                horse but require a little more education on the different fits Equi-fit offers in            their  9 basic bar fits. Go to: Saddle trees to read the descriptions offered                  Steele Equi-Fit only offers the basic 9 to the public. I offer 26 Equi-Fit saddle              trees if you want assistance.

      If you've had a fitting performed by another saddle fitter that has                                recommended an Equi-Fit tree, I can order it & build a saddle for                                  you. If you already own a saddle tree, I can build a saddle using your tree. 


 5. Click here-"LimitedConsult"  to go to my saddle fitting page to read about the             saddle fitting  consultations that  I offer. 

     Follow the steps and email or screen shot  the completed form and use the               payment button to send payment  for the service and I will assist you with                 suggesting suitable trees to fit your horse after I review your pictures.

I have been saddle fitting in this way for a long time. I am good at what I do. 

      Endurance  Saddles

                         weight: 18LBS

  #100EWS   The Whitney 



  #100EWD The Whitney double skirt



  #100EE    The Euro  



        The Trail Saddle

    Approx. Saddle Weight: 24-28lbs 



Nancy Bonforti 1.jpg

  #300TDL  The Landry   double skirt


  #300TSL  The Landry   single skirt


 The Scamper Trail #300TBS single skirt

The B indicates Bar Skirt which means there is just enough leather to cover the saddle tree. 



The Scamper Trail #300TBD double skirt



 THE OREGON #400TDO double skirt

my saddle 6.jpeg

The Oregon  #400TSO  single skirt

saddle april 2015 072.JPG

   COWHORSE SADDLES                  #600C

     The Anna Cowhorse



   Cowhorse Competitor 


the competitor 1.jpeg


 25L single skirt    or      26L double skirt

   The Wade  comes with leather latigos, a rear cinch assembly and  rear dees
                             The Jones 
   #500WOD  or #500WOS

The Ashley  #500WBD   or WBS

               Single skirt or Double skirt




     The 45 Single Skirt #B45S


The 45 Double Skirt #B45D






       The Brittney #300BSL



                  OFFERED IN 2 SKIRT SHAPES

     #200RD double skirt

jan evans 2019.jpeg

  #400RDO  The Ali double skirt

ali mitchel1.jpeg

 #400RAS The Ali single skirt

saddle april 2015 072.JPG

     Traditional Rope Saddle



Your saddle tree  has to be built. You have a few important choices to make that will affect the appearance  as well as the performance  and weight of of your saddle. 

Each Model offers a  selection of horn and swell that is appropriate for that discipline. If you wish to change it there will be an upgrade fee. The horns page offers a 2nd choice on the HORNS Page

The cantles are your choice completely and there is no upgrade fee because I realize that the cantle is of great importance to your comfort and security. Therefore, you will want to choose one from the Cantle options page and write it on your form along with your seat size.


Turning your fenders

 Saddle Tree options