Skirt Lining

    Standard Option  

We use a high quality           synthetic fleece to line         your saddle skirts. 


 You can change the color of your synthetic fleece to Black for an upgrade fee of                 $60.00


 Real Lambs Wool can  be exchanged for an upgrade  fee of:                                                           $160.00

Footmans Loops/Loops N Rings. 

Brackets attached to cantle for gear  $15 pair




Be certain to supply billet and belly strap length desired or

they will automatically come as 24″ billets.  

You will need to indicate the desired length of the kick strap 32"-36″

we do not tool belly kick strap or keeper pockets.

Traditional Laced on                    or           Easy Loop Quick Attach          

            Cantle Binding Options

                                         standard option single layer               

 Double Layer w/Leather edge

 Double layer w/Rawhide edge


 Pencil Roll Binding

       Tunnel/Split  Skirt is an upgrade


      Wise choice if your horse has a raised spine or                           "roach back" in the loin 

Rear Skirt

your choice of


Whole single skirt- 150.00           Whole DBL Skirt-$200.00

 Cantle only 


           1/2 skirt only $100.00                  1/2 skirt only $150.00

        Stainless or Copper Studs

 Upgrade 6 leather Rosettes    under your conchos with

     silver or copper studs:                     $30.00

Hoof Pick or knife Holder added to Left rear billet




Strings $20.00 pair


Indicate Overhand (the 2 pics. on right) or Bleeding Heart (the picture on left) for attachment  of strings to Clip dee.  

Overhand makes it very quick to remove your strings when needed.