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The leather that we choose to craft your accessories with is premium quality. It is by far the most supple I have ever owned! I challenge you to find a better leather product. 

Warm Honey is a difficult color to find matching accessories since it is an exclusive color tanned only by Thoroughbred Leather  . I have a leather worker in PA who orders from this leather company and can make your  accessories. Talk to me about how to order.   

Rolled Curb Straps

Comes in 5 Colors

2 tones of Chestnut, Light & Dark Chocolate and Black


Split Reins

Waterloop & Knot Twist



5 Colors Available

Untooled Rear Cinches

J. Watt Scalloped Bridle/Breast Collar Sets

with matching reins $225.00   no reins $190.00

with engraved hardware and conchos on chest straps

Bridle/Breast Collar Sets

W/ Jeremiah Watts Hardware


with reins: $190.00


Night Latch

Men & Women's Options


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