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Each saddle model has a pre set swell . If you want to change it you can do that. The cost is $25.00

The 61 is the cowhorse swell. The 99 is the Roping swell, the 43 is the reining & trail swell, the  5F is the cutting swell, The 7J is the standard endurance swell. I offer the P3 for high withered horses. It is an upgrade.


43 & 61 are by far my most popular and successful swells. The major difference is the angle they  project from the base of the horn. The 43 is angled downward more/slopier.

The 61 is more level across the top

99 is thick and heavy. Great for roping, But its not necessary to have a swell that thick for anything else.

                                 The 8 B                                                                     The  56                                                                                           Are the 2 choices for a Cutting swell.   


P3 Endurance Pommel

for high withers

endurance pommel1.jpg

Standard  Option Pommel Welt 

cuting swell and horn 2021.jpg

J7 Endurance Pommel

low withers

tails2 (2).jpg

Blind Stitch upgrade $45.00



 Around base of horn and/or around welts as in picture #1, around Welt and across front of gullet as in pic#2  or no border on pommel as in picture #3. You can fill the smooth areas with basketstamp or a fill tool  or flowers.


Each of the saddles above has a stainless swell screw on the jockey at the base of the swells. But the saddle to the left has upgraded to the J.Watt engraved swell screw to match with the J Watt conchos & hardware on the rest of the saddle. It is more clearly seen on the conchos page. 

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