Custom Floral Carving 

Custom tooling & floral carving will add 3-4 weeks to your saddle build time.

Hand Carving of Right Fit Saddles has just begun to develop once again. We have not had a reliable custom carver for some time now. More patterns will be added as the carver and I begin to work out our business relationship. 

*If you want to play and active part in the patterning your saddle there is an additional fee of $100.00 due to the extensive dialog with the carver.

Otherwise patterning is at the discretion of the carver. No 2 saddles are tooled alike.

*We do not guarantee your satisfaction with the outcome since we are attempting to do all of this long distance where we cannot all 3 be in the same place with the leather pieces to discuss it.

So it can be like Christmas- a complete surprise when you unwrap it!

12 petal Poinsetta

Constance Flower #1(large)  #3 small

Wild Rose #2

Daisy #5

Wyoming #6

Sheridan #7 

Sheridan with vines only

Oak Leaf #1

Oakleaf #2

Sample Wild Rose

Sample Feathers  

Sample leaf #1  

Sunflowers #8 

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