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Suede Seats

(Included in Base Price)

Select your choice and write it on your form  under SEAT OPTIONS


Bright & Sassy Suede Colors 

(Upgrade fee: $75.00)

Red, Zebra, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Aqua Blue, Aqua Green & Lime Green

Smooth Leather Seat 

(Upgrade fee: $60.00)

Calfskin seat leather 2019.jpg

Ground Seat


(Upgrade fee: $160.00)

Cream Smooth

Calfskin Pebbled

Dark Chocolate 

Black Smooth


White Textured

Light Choc.

Dark Choc. Texture 

Black Textured

                  Cantle Height & Seat Width Options-

                                 fill in your choice under the Saddle Tree section

Seat Width- Measure across the base of your current saddle seat to decide what you find comfortable. I built this saddle so I know this is a 12.5" wide.  Picture is so you will know how to measure. Be sure to measure stitchline to stitch line. Measure the seat pad in the twist also. Choose the option on my form that is the closest to what is most comfortable to you.



All cantles are 12.5- 13″

If your horse is narrower and/or you are narrow hipped, it is best to choose a 12.5" wide cantle. This is the 1st decision to make about your cantle. Make it now so you are not distracted with the 13W choices that are lilsted along side the 12.5w cantles~

Then proceed with choosing the height  you desire behind you.

Rider Comfort

The very best advice I can offer is: before you make decisions about your seat you should set in 10 saddles until you are certain what is comfortable for you and send pictures of that and ask if we can duplicate it before you order....and even then I do not make a guarantee that you will be comfortable because your saddle tree is not the same as the saddle you set in to arrive at that conclusion. Rider comfort is a wild card because of your custom tree necessary to get your horse comfortable. but we try hard

to make you comfortable based upon the information you submitt

Cantle Height      Style#    Base Width

3"    High      #08-         13WIDE

3.5" High      #01-         13WIDE

3"    High     #83-         12.5WIDE

3.5" High     #87-         12.5WIDE

Cantle Height      Style#    Base Width

4″ High                 #52-      13" wide

4" High                 #84-      12.5" wide

Cantle Height      Style#    Base Width

4.5"High             #2F-     13" WIDE

4.5High              #85-   12.5" WIDE

Cantle Height      Style#    Base Width

5" High #65  13" WIDE    or      #45    12.5" WIDE                     

                                     Seat Shape

                               Select your choice and write it on your order form in the  bottom section of SEAT OPTIONS 

If you are currently riding a saddle that is comfortable to you then I would suggest looking at the seat shape and the rise in front of the seat pocket to help you make up your mind. This is a personal comfort decision that only you can make.

                    Narrow Hip Seat pad                                                 Wide Hip Seat pad

 Narrow hip seat pad begins to narrow immediately as it comes away from the binding on the side,  making the padding narrower to accomodate

narrow hip riders so they do not have a padding lump under their leg as it descends down the jockey.

Example: Rider pant size 30 and under(womens 10 and under)                                                          

Wide  Hip Seat padding stays straight for about 2" as it leaves the cantle horn making the padding wider so that your bum is fully resting on the padded portion of your seat and not on the stitching line along the edge. 

        SEAT RISE

1/2" Rise- Flat Seat
3/4" Rise- Standard
    1" Rise-  Deep Pocket
my saddle.jpeg
ali mitchel1.jpeg

Tree specs that affect rider comfort 


Gullet width is a factor in rider comfort

Bar angle is a factor in rider comfort.

steep angle vs wide angle

      Additional Considerations when you design your saddle seat


If your saddle tree has alot of "Rocker" to fit a curvy backed horse~ obtaining a low rise seat is a difficult task and will require a custom seat.

Often times adding 1/2-1 seat size gives the rider a bigger seat pocket which will place you farther behind the rise so you are not rubbing against it. For men this is extremely important. 

If you are concerned about your comfort, please submitt pictures of the saddle that you find most comfortable so we can attempt to copy it. Please keep in mind that unless you mail that saddle to my builder he may not be successful in duplicating its composition.

But we will try.

If you are used to riding a narrow saddle with a steeper bar angle on a wide/flat horse ~ your new custom saddle that actually fits your horse will be considerably wider and therfore a substancially different feel for your to set in and might require a custom seat to narrow the twist and build you up so your legs drop more verticle so your hips do not ache and feel as if you are doing the splits. 

Please keep in mind that we do not make a guarantee for rider comfort ~ But we do our best to address the potential comfort issues.

These customizations require the purchase of a "Limited Consult"  so that I can assist you.  

If you have purchased a full Saddle Fitting this service is included. 

                This tree is very strait front to back                        This tree is very curvy front to back

          (Compare the curvature between the back of pommel to the seat base at front of cantle.)

Custom Leathers come and go. I can email/text what is currently available 

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