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*Every hide accepts color differently so color may vary slightly on each saddle. Therefore we will not be held responsible for color variations.

ALSO:  If you want matching accessories, it is better to order them together so they can be made from the same hide and will match in color.


                                DRUM DYED 

This is the wisest choice for the darker colors because the hides are dunked in the dye for a long period of time to allow the color to penetrate deep into the leather. When this leather is scratched you will not see the natural hide color in the scratch unless its a very deep scratch.

             We ONLY use drum dyed leather for black saddles. 

                    The colors I offer are listed on your order form

                            Picture of mahogany coming soon

                                UPGRADE FEE: $150.00

TB leather b4 oil.jpg
Chestnut    Q Tan        Lt Choc     Espresso    Black   

        Custom 2 Tone Dye & Antiquing

                        UPGRADE FEE: $150.00

 Chestnut   QTan  Lt. Choc   Espresso

        Mahogany Rustic


       Chocolate Rustic

chocolate rustic.jpeg



                   All Rough Out  Saddle

                UPGRADE: $150.00     Buck stitch: $200.00

         Dark Choc.        Light choc


          Black Rock Finish

deepens the color considerably and brings out the red/burgundy tones in all colors of our leather as it darkenes it. It produces a very even tone to the leather in 1 coat. unlike oil that can be blotchy until 2 or more coats are applied. 

If you do not want your leather to darken I suggest the non darkening leather finish.

My favorite is  Ray Holes saddle Butter


Both  are offered on the order form & highly suggested because they protect your saddle from water and stains.

 If you don't have us do it for you, pre-order from Ebay or Amazon and apply it when your saddle arrives.

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